Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy / DICIPLINA DE ESCUELA


SCHOOL DISCIPLINE Students will receive positive slips when caught applying King’s Core Values.
  1. Students will be asked to try to get as many as they can for the week. Every Friday, teachers will collect them to pull out one and that selected student will come to the office to get a prize.
  2. Students who show exceptional behavior again applying the core values will receive a slip “I Am Royalty”. Once they receive ten slips, they will be invited to have lunch with the principal or vice-principal.
Teachers will send home their individual classroom discipline plan within the first two weeks of school. As part of our policy,
  • Teachers will first use their own classroom management systems. Students may lose classroom privileges, may serve timeout, may serve in-school and/or after school detention, or be sent to another teacher’s classroom.
  • In cases of continued problems or with very serious matters, students may be sent directly to the office (fighting, severe defiance, issues of safety, weapon possession, sexual harassment, etc.)
  • Office referrals will be documented.
  • Office referrals may result in parent calls, parent conferences, and/or, in very serious circumstances, suspension from school or a referral for immediate action.
We can only succeed with your support. You can help us by:
  • Listening carefully to your student about problems at school
  • Keeping your phone numbers current
  • Maintaining constant contact with the classroom teacher
  • Visiting our school and your child’s classroom as often as possible
  • Volunteering in the classroom or at the school as a VIP
  • Attending PTO meetings
  • Attending parent workshops and school activities
DICIPLINA DE ESCUELA Los estudiantes recibirán una “Shining Star” cuando sean observados aplicando los valores excepcionales de King.
  1. Los estudiantes serán animados a que obtengan los mas que puedan durante la semana. Cada viernes, los maestros los colectarán y escogerán unos y los estudiantes seleccionados vendrán a la oficina a recibir un premio.)
  2. Los estudiantes que demuestren comportamiento excepcional en otra ocasión aplicando los valores, recibirán un”I Am Royalty”. Cuando colecten 10 serán invitados a tener lonche con la directora o visé director. 
Durante las primeras 2 semanas de escuela los maestros mandarán planes individuales de disciplina para sus clases. Como parte de nuestra póliza,
  • Los maestros primero usaran su sistema de manejar las situaciones. Los estudiantes pueden perder sus privilegios, pueden servir tiempo fuera, servir detención durante o después de escuela, o ser mandados a otra clase.
  • En casos que continúen los problemas o sean cosas serias, los estudiantes serán mandados directamente a la oficina (peleando, desafió severo, situaciones de seguridad, posesión de armas, acoso sexual, etc.…)
  • Infracciones serán documentadas en el archivo.
  • Las infracciones pueden resultar en una llamada a los padres, conferencias de padres,  o en circunstancias serias pueden ser suspendidos de la escuela.
Nosotros solamente podemos ser exitosos con su ayuda. Usted nos puede ayudar en:
  • Escuchar cuidadosamente a sus estudiantes acerca de problemas en la escuela
  • Mantener sus números de teléfono al corriente
  • Mantener constante contacto con el/la  maestro/a de clase de su estudiante
  • Visitando la escuela y la clase de su hijo/a a menudo
  • Siendo voluntario/a en la clase o en la escuela como VIP
  • Asistiendo a las juntas del PTO
  • Asistiendo a talleres de padre y actividades de la escuela
  Possession of Weapon Involvement in Drugs or Alcohol   It is important to caution all students regarding possession of weapons (or look-alike weapons) and student involvement in drugs and alcohol at school or at any student body activity (even those off campus). This bulletin is to place students on notice that possession of a weapon and any involvement with controlled substances, including alcohol or any intoxicants, while at school, going to and from school, or while at any student body activity, will result in disciplinary action. The discipline ranges from a disciplinary transfer to another school to expulsion from the Long BeachUnifiedSchool District. This also includes instances where a student is not the owner of the weapon or the substance.