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How to Contact Us

Please contact your child's teacher before or after school hours.  Staff members check their voice mail throughout the day.  Phone calls will not be put through to the classroom during instructional time.  We will gladly take a message in the office and pass it along to the teacher.  You can call the school from 7:30 - 4:00 at (562) 428-1232.  Many teachers use Class Dojo or other electronic means of communication.  Please ask the teacher what the best way is to communicate with him/her.  We value your input and support!



Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Pereira

Mr. Reyburn

Ms. Aguilar

Mrs. de Koekkoek

Ms. Gomez

First Grade

Ms. Famolaro

Ms. Barlow

Ms. Cajudo

Mrs. Reingold


Second Grade

Ms. Camarillo

Ms. Johnson

Mr. Allen

Ms. Ortiz

Third Grade

Ms. Liem

Mrs. Wu

Mrs. Hernandez

Mrs. Ceja

Mrs. Kamiyama


Fourth Grade

Ms. Morales

Mr. Ramirez

Ms. Trujillo

Mr. Grissom

Fifth Grade

Ms. Rivera

Ms. Sandoval

Mr. Hernandez

Support Staff

Ms. Jorling, 3rd Grade Literacy

Ms. Van Renen, Literacy

Ms. Murillo, Kinder Literacy

Ms. Duran, 1st Grade Literacy

Ms. Brown, 2nd Grade Literacy

Ms. Menendez, Speech

Ms. Solis, Psychologist

Mr. Evans, RSP

Office Staff

Mr. Ocampo, Principal

Ms. Huttenhoff, Counselor

Ms. Anderson, Office Supervisor

Mr. Bonilla, Community Worker

Ms. Ocegueda, Int. Office Assistant